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History and Legend of Yumenguan Pass

Everyone is very familiar with the Yumenguan Pass but do not get the detail information of this section of the Great Wall. To get more about the background culture of it, I would like to lead you to walk into its background legend.

Yumenguan Great Wall

Original Transportation in Yumenguan
In China, Yumenguan Great Wall has the first name called Small Square City. Later its name was changed. It is said that in the past years, there are many caravans passed through a post in the west of Small Square City in Gansu Province. During that time, all the caravans are carrying about the precious jades. Adding the variety of terrains and hard locations, it is very hard to have a perfect transportation. What the most dangerous is that there are swamps, valleys, forests and fields of wild grasses growing everywhere. Especially during the hot summer, in order to get rid of the summer heat, these caravans always choose the night to transport. For the horses, they always get lost in the dark terrain. People are also unfamiliar with the dark road. So, the post gets the name of Horse Losing the Way.

Origin of Yumenguan Pass Great Wall
During the transportation journey, it is very easy to get lost. One day, there was a man got lost and he did not know how to get rid of the dark. When he is stuck in the losing, one goose appeared shouting, 'honk, honk, give me food, honk, honk, take me out'. Once heard this, the young man understood its meaning that this goose was hungry. So, he gave food and water to this goose. This goose led him safely to his destination, Small Square City. But, one day, the caravan lost himself again in the same place. The goose dropped on the caravan and said, 'honk, honk, led you out if you inlay jade on the pass'. Only the young man got what the goose said and he told his leader that they should inlay a luminous black green jade on the top of Small Square City. But, the leader refused. So, the very same caravan got lost and died of thirst.

End of the Story
For the black condition of transportation, the same young man has been rescued two times repeated the words of the goose, this time the leader followed and he chose the best and largest luminous black green jade to inlay on the top of the pass. At last, when the night falls, the brilliant rays that the jade sent out could be clearly seen from the far distance. It offered a great chance for the transportation.

Now, you have got why it was called Jade Gate Pass (Yumenguan).