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History of Chinese Spring Festival - Beijing Travel Guide

Chunjie, also known as Spring Festival, is a traditional festival in China, and it is the most important and solemn festival for Chinese people, and is also the oldest festival with long history of 4,000years. From the 23th of the twelfth month of the lunar year to the 15th Day of the first month of the next lunar year, it is the complete time of the Spring Festival, usually the night of the last day in last year and the first day of the next year in lunar calendar are the high tides of this festival. The night of the last day of the last year is called as Chuxi Night, also known as the Chinese New Year's Eve, is similar with the Christmas Eve in western of the world. The first day of the next year in lunar calendar, also known as the Zhengyue Chuyi, is the time to Bainian (visit relatives each other). During the time of Chunjie, people in different places of China all kinds of activities to celebrate it, and these activities have strong national characteristics.

Happy Chinese New Year

In ancient China, Chunjie referred to the spring equinox, symbolized the start of the spring, is also the start of a new year, and then it was changed to the first day of the first month in lunar calendar. People all think the Spring Festival is over not until the 15th Day of the first month in lunar year. With long history of this festival, people now still inherits various traditional customs from old generations. Even the day of the lunar New Year's Day is regarded as the Spring Festival, people start to prepared to welcome the Spring Festival earlier. In order to have a happy festival, people start to clean house, bathing shampoo, ancestor worship and prepare the foods and tools will used in Spring Festival. All these activities have a common theme which symbolizes to clean the dirt and the old of the past year and usher the new year and spring.

Nowadays, except the habit of ancestor worship is not very important, the other main customs are inherited completely. Spring Festival is the important carrier of Chinese excellent cultural traditions, reflects the intelligence and fruit of Chinese deep culture. During so many years, Spring Festival has shaped its culture which attracts amount of foreigners to experience and enjoy it in China.