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How Great Wall Got Functioned in Anti-Japan War

As a long-standing fortification along the northern China, the Great Wall not only served as defense in ancient times, but also played an important role in defending the Japanese invaders during the Anti-Japan War.

Great Wall of China

In 1933, the Japanese army marched toward the Great Wall at Shanhaiguan in hope of conquering Rehe - now Hebei Province. The general commander Wutian Xinyi led the army made up of 2 divisions, 3 brigades and 1 air-group, with a total number of over 30,000 soldiers. Soon the defense army of China had to retreat from the Great Wall as a result of lack of supplies and other disadvantages due to the difference of weaponry between the Chinese army and Japanese army. The government of China took some strategy - defend the enemies and negotiate at the same time. Back then, the general of Chinese army Zhangxueliang was replaced by Heyingqin. He founded a board to be charge of the defense of the Great Wall. Later on, He led more than 200,000 Chinese soldiers to defend the Great Wall, though many sections and passes of the Great Wall had been in the hands of the Japanese army. The main battle fields along the Great Wall include Xifengkou, Gubeikou and Lengkou sections of the Great Wall.

Chinese army defeated the Japanese enemies a couple of times, making the most use of the steep mountains, the Great Wall as well as the other advantages in favor of the Chinese army. The Japanese army had to give up the attack many times. However, due to a series of disadvantages and other conditions, the three sites were lost to the Japanese army. Anyway, the Chinese army still put on a good fight with the Japanese enemies along the Great Wall defense line.

Aside from these three locations, there were other sites where the Japanese army attempted to attack the Great Wall, which was mainly located in Shanxi territory. Back then, the communist party sent an army led by Zhude to work with the other Chinese army to defend the Japanese enemies. They caused an enormous loss to the Japanese army with their defense. This victory was the first one since the Anti-Japan war started in China. The victory inspired lots of Chinese people to join in the defense of the Japanese invaders. Overall, the Great Wall played a key part in defending the Japanese invaders.