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How Great Wall Was Categorized

The Great Wall of China is classified based on a couple of factors. Misunderstanding the concepts of them will lead to confusion of the Great Wall. There are some common qualities and differences between different sections of the wall.

Great Wall

Here are some main factors which have been used to classify the Great Wall. Some sections of the Great Wall are classified based on its construction period, such as the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, which happens to be the most intact and complete Great Wall well preserved today. There are some sections of the wall which is categorized based on its scale, some larger and complete, others smaller and incomplete. According to records, some sections of the wall are classified based on the builders - including Han and ethnic builders. To know the factors which play a key role in defining the Great Wall is a good way to learn more about the Great Wall. In the eyes of the Chinese people, they are all very proud to have the Great Wall as the symbol of the China. In Chinese, the Great Wall refers to a long wall which spans across northern China for tens of thousands of miles. And as an advanced defense system of ancient China, the Great Wall was built, rebuilt, restored and reused throughout different dynasties. Each of the section has its own recognizable features, either based on history or construction time. Though there are so many different sections of the wall existing across northern China, the Great Wall can be classified according to different characters.

Moreover, the Great Wall was also reused and left to nature during different dynasties in Chinese history. Back then there was no wall built or repaired by the government. By the way, according to historic records, during Song, Tang and Qing dynasties, the Great Wall was not used as national defenses, but some local defenses. As the construction time is different when the different sections of the wall were built, so there are no clear records to indicate how the Great Wall was used as defenses. The last but not the least, the scale also plays an important role in classifying the Great Wall. According to study, some sections of the Great Wall are built larger than the other parts of the wall, making them easily recognizable and architecturally impressive. Overall, the Great Wall can be classified based on different factors.