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How Many Times the Great Wall Was Restored

The world renowned Great Wall was not built to its current glory in one go, however, it has gone through a couple restorations and renovations in history.

China Great Wall

The first large-scale building: following after the Qin Dynasty, another large-scale to build the Great Wall is in the Han dynasty. The Great Wall was extended back then, with more than twenty thousand li long. During the early Han Dynasty, the Central Plains were always under chaos, so Emperor Wusi of Han repeatedly sent armies to heavily hit north Xiongnu, then gradually built the Great Wall starting from Liaodong East, West to Xinjiang. According to historical records, Emperor Han Wu built the Great Wall four times during his reign.

127BC, the general Wei Qing was sent to Longxi to supervise the large-scale renovation of the Great Wall built by Qin Shihuang building; later, in 121BC, in order to consolidate the Hexi Corridor for the security, the emperor ordered the construction of the Great Wall starting from the modern Gansu province Yongdeng county to Jiuquan; third times larger to build the Great Wall is in 111BC to 110BC between the building from Jiuquan West to Yumen Pass the Great Wall; the last is in the beginning of 104BC to 101 BC built between the Yumen and Xinjiang) by the Lop Nor section of the Great Wall.

The third building: the period of Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Northern Wei, northern Chinese subsequently ruled Eastern Wei, Northern Qi Dynasty and the Northern Zhou Dynasty several Xianbei nobles ruling regime, because by the northern nomadic Turkic, Roen threat, continued to build the Great Wall as line of defense. Especially the Northern Wei and Northern Qi period, the construction of the Great Wall scale is quite large.

Fourth-time building was for the Turkish defense: Northern Sui Dynasty built the Great Wall. The Sui dynasty built the Great Wall of Qin, Han and scale than the later Ming far, many places in the former the Great Wall - all done on the basis of repair.

The fifth building: the last time large-scale building of the Great Wall was in the Ming dynasty according to history. In order to set up in defense of Mongolia the Great Wall was extended from the Yalu River East to West Jiayuguan.