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How the Attackers Tried to Conquer Great Wall

In Chinese history, most of the attackers who tried to conquer the Great Wall were the grassland dwellers who favored riding horses as transports. The major way was the overwhelming blow by the rivalry. And that is the reason why the great wall was built in the first place. In the battlefields, the attackers always attempted to conquer the weak link of the great wall where the defense was very weak. Another strategy they tried was to divert the attention on one side and attacked on the other side. On one hand, they attacked the great wall with rivalry, and on the other hand they sent some infantry soldiers to climb over the wall. At the time, if some parts of the wall were conquered, it was all downhill for the outlandish attackers.

Great Wall

According to historical documents, the attackers always came in large numbers when conquering the great wall. For example, in 200 BC, the Mongolian leader Modu led 400,000 rivalries when he set his mind to conquer the great wall and besieged the Han Emperor for 7 days before he escaped from the siege. Another grassland dweller group also sent large army to attack the North Wei Dynasty with 60,000 soldiers, as it turned out, the army even made its way in the palace. In 615, the Mongolian tribes leader Shibi also sent tens of thousands of rivalries to attack the Sui Dynasty. During Ming and Qing dynasties, Mongolian and Manchu people also sent large number of soldiers to conquer the great wall. In a word, the northern people always sent a large number of soldiers to attack the great wall. To put it simply, this is the only way they could think of trying to conquer the wall as the economy is kind of far behind the inland people.

By the way, there is another strategy which was used to attack the great wall and this is very specific and called the Xuecheng, meaning to dig its way under the great wall. With some archers occupying some adventurous locations outside great wall to kill the defensive soldiers, some soldiers would dig their way under the wall to break the foundation of the wall and then the attackers found a weak link. This is also the reason why the Ming dynasty built the great wall more solidly and firmly with stone than before.