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How the Stone Was Excavated to Build the Great Wal

Large amount of stone is believed to come from the mountains where the Great Wall was built. At Baiyangyu in Hebei Province, there is a section of the Great Wall which was built completely with marble stones – also excavated from the nearby mountains.

Brick of Great Wall

The excavation of the stones used the traditional Chinese stone-excavating techniques. First of all, the workmen pick a site and collect those stones exposed in the sunlight and not weathered, and then they would hammer the stone till a drift hole is carved out. After that, put in an iron hole into the stone hole and hammer the stone heavily till the texture of the stone is divided with the hole, then the stone slate is initially complete. The last but not the least it to give the stones the last strike till they become what the workmen needed to build the Great Wall. At the northern hill of the Red Mountain in Yanwo Village in Hebei Province, there is a large scale stone excavation site from Ming Dynasty. This site is about 7 miles long, filled with gloss-covered stones all over the place. There are plenty of the initially carved stones which should be used to build the Great Wall as foundations, 0.4-0.5 meters wide, 2.2-3.5 meters long, just like those foundation stones found in Chongyukou Great Wall. The stones found on Red Mountain look kind of dark red and belong to the marble stone, formed a long time ago. This kind of stone is very solid and with a thin stone texture, perfect for building the Great Wall.

The stone excavation sites are found in many parts along the Great Wall. In 2008, at Wulonggou section of the Great Wall, there are many stone excavation sites found at the foot of the hill. On the huge stones scattered by the road there are still many carving holes left, with some of the stones torn apart with time and nature. The stones of different sizes can be seen all over the hillside near the Great Wall. These stone excavation sites are located not far away from where the Great Wall was built. The time large-scale building of the Great Wall occurred in Ming dynasty, when the powder was widely used in many areas, especially the military. However, according to survey, there is no evidence to support that there is explosives were used to excavate the stones back then.