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How to Avoid Smog and Noise while Visiting Beijing

As an increasingly sprawling metropolis, Beijing has long been plagued by city noises and air pollution. However, it is not as challenging as it seems to find some out-of-the-way retreats while visiting Beijing.

Beijing Suburb

Where to Escape
If you want to get away from it all - the smog and noises, you really should head off the beaten path to some countryside of Beijing. With a visit to Lohao City, you will get a chance to sample organic health food, including tofu, dairy-free chocolate, bread, vegetables and fruits, as well as take in lovely countryside landscapes. There is a lovely farmland out here, called Green Cow Organic Farm. Today the organic farm is filled with corn, wheat and soybean fed chickens, cows, pigs and a wide range of pesticides, herbicides and GMO free vegetables. With a trip to the farmland, you will get a chance to enjoy fresh veggies on vacation. It is also a good idea to learn about how the locals try to produce clean and safe food. There are also many regular events held in the area, including the fall Green Cow Harvest Festival, which is also worth exploring and fun.

Where to Relax
If you want to relax and enjoy the quiet, the Brickyard Eco Retreat is well worth a visit! The retreat is located near the Mutianyu Great Wall - stretching about 70 kilometers northeast of Beijing and one of the best-preserved sections. Brickyard Eco Retreat is hailed as one of the top eco-retreats across Beijing, about an hour drive from the central Beijing. The retreat features a historical setting as it was constructed based on the remaining site of a glazed tile factory. The retreat is home to a large number of locally sourced materials including native fieldstone, slate, gravel, brick and fruitwoods. The eco-resort is very eco-friendly and fiber, glass and plastic waste can be recycled out here. With a visit to the garden allows you to take in a sweeping view of the Great Wall and surrounding hills. The garden also has a spa center to offer relaxing treatments as well as a sauna and icy plunge facilities. You can also experience the seasonal Sunday morning yoga sessions offered by the garden.

Overall, you will en ultimate escape from the air pollution and noises while visiting Beijing with an excursion to the countryside!