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How to Be Smarter for Shopping in Beijing

In modern days, the main theme travel to Beijing is not just sightseeing the landmarks but also easting, shopping and entertaining. Each of them has certain features for different group of people. However, shopping has aroused big influence. When back home, taking some souvenirs brought in Beijing is almost the must-do thing. How to be smart for shopping?

Shopping in Beijing

What to Buy in Beijing
Everyone gets Beijing is a metropolis city in China housing various treasures and specialties. But, for the fresh travelers, they do not know clearly what to buy. Beijing has received many skillful craftsmen. These people passed down their excellent skills generation by generation. No matter where we wandered, we could find some traditional handicrafts with typical eastern features. As the four best traditional handicraft works of Beijing, Cloisonne, Ivory Carving, Jade and Lacquer have received high prestige. In addition to this, the Curios, Silk, Pearls with colorful pictures inside could make your mouth water. They are all the wonderful presents for friends and relatives when back home.

Where to Buy
Covering various souvenirs and commodities, different land has different theme. For the tourists, you should get know where to buy the high quality souvenirs with reliable price. First, there are many popular business streets. The top business centers are Wangfujing Street, Qianmen Street, Xidan Commercial Street and Hongqiao Market. For the tourists who are very interested in the silk materials, you could choose the Silk Market. For the tourists who are interested in the traditional handicrafts with typical eastern or Beijing features, you could choose the Colored Glaze Factory or Panjiayuan Flea Market. Each of them will be the terrific place for enjoying traditional art works. For the fashionable girls or the boys, you could come to the Xidan Commercial Street for shopping. Maliandao is an ideal place for tasting the tea culture.

Tips for Customers in Beijing
For shopping, the most important point is the smart bargaining. According to the commodities and quality, speak out the most reasonable price. The opening hours for most Beijing shopping malls are between 08:30 to 21:30. Taking some cash is also necessary, because you could buy something from the street vendors. You could take the card and there will be the ATM established nearside the shopping malls.

Beijing Shopping stored much knowledge. Hope you enjoy a happy time!