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How to Better Enjoy Great Wall Scenery

Great Wall, no matter for which group, it is the must-see scenic spot in Beijing. What sent out from the Great Wall is not only the deep-rooted Chinese culture but also the magnificent appearance. How to better enjoy Great Wall scenery?

Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Just Climbing
For the Great Wall fans, if you are very interested in Great Wall background, including the history, culture and the building architectures, climbing is a best choice. Starting your journey from the beginning, touching each brick, passing through elegant watchtowers, appreciating different views presenting to you, it is really a successful experience. What the most treasure experience will be the climbing experience. You can taste the laborious climbing from the lower art to the higher park just by your foot. Also, all the sceneries on the journey can impress you deeply and clearly. In addition, finally, once stepped on the top, you can taste the proud feeling that you fight against this magnificent project. Miracle feeling and extremely happiness can impress you deeply.

Take a Cable Car
The most non-laborious way to enjoy Great Wall sightseeing is just taking the cable car. For the old, kids and disabled groups, cable car is the ideal method for travel on Great Wall. You can enjoy the cool feeling passing through long distance Great Wall buildings. For the Great Wall regular tourists, Cable Car is also a good method. On the journey a kind of exciting feeling can inspire all your enthusiastic. By the chance, you can get rid of the bustle city life and noisy atmosphere, finding a corner for your tired heart.

Experience the Helicopter Tour
The last method is also the most thrilling and the fantastic method to enjoy Great Wall appearance. Although it is the most expensive method to enjoy Great Wall sceneries, it is extremely deserved to see the magnificent Birds View of Great Wall. With safety environment and experienced driver, what you can do is just to appreciate the whole landscapes of Beijing suburb area. What poured into your vision is not only the layout of Great Wall but also the charming sceneries surrounded the local deep-rooted culture. Thrilling flying feeling can offer you the marvelous experience. The real impression that the Great Wall is just like the vigorous dragon will come true in your eyes and mind.

Have a successful appreciation about the Great Wall, it is really a nice challenge!