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How to Better Enjoy Shopping Time in Beijing

Beijing is a fun place to explore on a vacation in China and you can easily spend a couple of days exploring the historic city without running out of things to see, do and experience! For those who want to make the most out of shopping experience while in Beijing, here is a little advice.

For Storing up Traditional Stuff
Liulichang Street

If it is the traditional products you are after while doing shopping in Beijing, the famous Liulichang Cultural Street is well worth a visit. There are a large number of time-honored antiquity stores and stationery shops along Liulichang Cultural Street. Browsing in these stores and shops, tourists may come across many excellent traditional books, drawings and pens. In addition, near Liulichang lies a famous cuisine spot in Gate of Peace, like the most famous Quanjude Roasted Duck Restaurant and the current-popular Korea barbecue. Liulichang Cultural Street has always something unique and fabulous to offer you. Furthermore, here boasts a rich collection of antithetical couplets, thanks to its profound history and cultures. A wide variety of cultural activities has been held here, as well as a great amount of sessions and speeches given by famous writers and professors. All these have added more charms and cultures into the street.

For an Essential Shopping Experience
Dashiln Street

For those who want to get an essential shopping experience while in Beijing, Dashilan Street is not to be missed! Located south of Tiananmen Square, 275 meters long, Dashilan extends and stretches in downtown Beijing. It is well known for its long and profound history. Ever since 1420, it has become a bustling shopping street studded with shops and stores. Though it has gone through a lot of ups and downs, it has survived in the end. This says everything about its charms as one of the most famous shopping street in Beijing. As a time-honored shopping street, Dashilan is studded with a large group of time-honored shops and stores, like Tongrentan selling medicine, Ruifuxiang selling cloth and silk and so on. Aside from these famous old shops and stores, this spot used to be a recreational center. Not only can you learn something about Chinese traditional arts but also enjoy a wide variety of famous shops. There are an unrivaled collection of native goods available for the tourists.

Overall, there are diverse options for shopping in Beijing and it will be a lot of fun!