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How to Conduct Beijing Nightlife

More and more people waste much time of their night time during Beijing tour. In fact, in addition to the day time exploring, you also could make your Beijing nightlife more colorful and dazzling. But, how to conduct your Beijing nightlife will be the nest question.

Beijing Sanlitun Village

Sharing Your Inner Heart in Beijing Sanlitun Village
Perhaps, for the most of the tourists, Sanlitun is a fresh name. For the regular Beijing tourists, this place will be a must-enjoy place. Here is a stage where you could conduct your youth life. Located in the eastern Chaoyang District, Sanlitun is regarded as a fashion center housing shopping, food and arts. It enjoyed a high fame as a Bar Street. It has become the important representative of Beijing nightlife. As the first opened in Beijing as nightlife community, it leads bar culture and fashion essence of Beijing. It is said that more than 60 percent bars of Beijing gathered here, you could imagine how it is prosperous at night. Because of the best location adjacent to the embassies and other foreign offices, it is always attracted the foreigners. Under the dazzling neon and soft summer wind blowing, sitting in the delicate bars, chatting with your friends, speaking out your inner heart, you would feel this moment is the most happiest and exciting! In addition to the bars, there are many tea houses offered the cozy environment for the tea fans. With considerate service and dazzling decoration, each store could give you opportunity to conduct yourself.

Leisurely Shopping and Food in Sanlitun
By your enthusiasm, you could have a leisurely shopping in the south area of this street. Wandering in the bright summer night, you would find the shopping here is very different and very enjoyable. Especially the arranging layout, they have no fixed route. This time, you would find your summer tour is more adventurous. Ranking along world famous brands and famous stores, you would be completely amazed by the shopping area. If you are the fans of Beijing cuisine, here is also an ideal place to enjoy. There are many restaurants with different cuisines ranging from innovative Chinese to American and from traditional Vietnamese to authentic Spanish Tapas. Any of them could satisfy your stomach desire.

Do not waste your summer night time again. Colorful nightlife only needs your special attention!