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How to Create a Terrific Autumn Tour in Beijing

For the golden autumn is getting closer and closer, more and more tourists star to go out for natural scenery appreciating. Autumn is beautiful and vigorous. How to Create a Terrific Autumn Tour in Beijing? Now, I will introduce you some ideal destinations.

Red Leaves in Autumn Beijing

Great Wall Climbing
It will be regret without climbing the Great Wall in autumn. Equipped with cool environment, charming scenery and clear blue sky, white cloud, autumn makes the climbing journey more interesting and attractive. Choose one day out of the National Holiday of China, together with your family or friends to enjoy a fully exciting Great Wall hiking journey. It will not be laborious as that in summer and cold in winter. Paved with yellow and red leaves, Great Wall will greet to you with another kind of appearance. In addition, the whole mountain is covered by the golden foliages, truly fantastic and impressive. Standing on the top, appreciate the birds view, you will find that you can touch the sky easily.

Red Leaves in Fragrant Hills Park
Fragrant Hills Park is a nice place for appreciating red leaves in autumn season. As a royal park, it is the must-see attraction in autumn. With the wind blowing, all the red smoke leaves dropped on the earth. The most breathtaking is the whole mountain will be covered by red leaves forming a red world. You can lie on the land to appreciate the sky, listening to the birds singing; you can take the pictures with each corner leaving the most impressive moment of autumn and also you can sing and dance to the nature, telling your inner heart to your intimate friends. Deep breathing the fresh air, awe-inspiring autumn holiday can be entertained fully.

Fruit Picking
As we all know, autumn is harvest season when all the sweet fruits are in blossoming. Apples, pears, peanuts, peaches and corns, etc all present typical appearances and tastes. Go to Beijing suburb area, together with your family to experience the farm-land life. Dissolving in the local farm land life, pick the fruits up according to your interests, you can gain the happiness of labor. Let your babies leave the impressive childhood giving them a deep lesson.

Just to experience these attractions, your autumn tour in Beijing must be terrific!