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How to Enjoy a Successful Shopping Tour

After visit the top sightseeing in Beijing, it is the time for enjoying shopping and to buy some souvenirs for family and friends. Choose the right place not only can save your money but also rich your vision and knowledge. So, how to enjoy a successful shopping tour in Beijing?

Buy Clothes in Xidan Commercial Street
Beijing Xidan Shopping Area

For the clothes selling, Xidan Commercial Street will be the most famous and popular world. Famous as the one of the three most famous commercial centers in Beijing, it houses the large scale clothes market. Varied from different brands from home and abroad, it is really the clothes shopping heaven for the tourists, especially the young people. In addition, there are entertaining areas for dining and relax. Roaming in this alive world, you not only can enjoy the shopping time but also sipped the most fashionable and modern tastes.

Buy Silk in Silk Street
Sillk Street

As we all know, Silk Road is very traditional affair gaining much praise and attention among the tourists from home and abroad. During your tour in Beijing, if you want to buy the silk clothes or the real silk materials, Beijing Silk Street is the right place. This market is just like a large scale silk museum exhibiting various silk materials, high quality, time-honored Chinese brands and any other attractive new materials. In addition to the silk materials, you can buy the Chinese silk clothes like Tangzhuang suits and cheongsams. Or you can have the tailor shop make something for you or someone in your family in no time. One can also experience the traditional methods of silk making in the Silk Museum and learn about this ancient Chinese art.

Buy Pearl in Hongqiao Market
Beijing Hongqiao Market

If you are interested in the pearl decorations, you can go to the Hongqiao Pearl Market for selecting. As a well known market, Hongqiao Market deals with pearls around the world. More than 1,000,000 visitors come to Hongqiao Market to buy pearls yearly. In the earlier time, there are world famous leaders ever visited this pearl world. Varied from different sizes, colors and materials, these pearls must make your last minute meaningful and happy. In addition to the pearls, this market also offers seafood, digital products and silk.

How to enjoy Beijing Shopping, these markets can make you have a different shopping tour.