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How to Enjoy Ancient Beijing in Depth

Beijing, as the capital city of China, could reflect many concepts and ideas in the people's mind. Tourists could enjoy the imperial attractions in Beijing as well as old Beijing culture. Nowadays, most of tourists want to discover the Old Beijing appearance during Beijing tour. How to seize the opportunity?

Peking Opera

Enjoy Beijing Local Breakfast in the Morning
For the old Beijing people, the most popular food for breakfast will be the old Beijing Mung Bean Milk. Probably the most famous Beijing snack, mung bean milk is actually the fluid remnants of the mung bean noodle making process. It looks grayish-green, tastes mostly sour with a tinge of sweetness and has a peculiar odor. Sitting at the small table, together with the local Beijing people, enjoy a typical breakfast. First timers often drink mung milk accompanied with a few Chinese-style pickle wedges, which locals say makes it easier to go down. It is common that these small stores are always established in the small lanes of the Hutongs. So, it will be a good chance to enjoy and breakfast while appreciating the morning Hutong appearance.

Enjoy Historical Sites in Daytime
After enjoying Beijing breakfast, you could start your ancient Beijing tour. The best destination will be Beijing Hutong. It is the landmark of old Beijing with profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation. It still kept the original Beijing appearance. Wandering along Beijing Hutong, the best tool is he Rickshaw. Also, you could rent a bike wandering around the building. It is great opportunity to enjoy the locals doing morning exercises. Tranquil and harmonious atmosphere will be the big feature of Beijing Hutong. After that, walk into Beijing Hutong to get close to their lifestyle and the culture. Being built with the courtyard style, you could have in-depth understanding about the building architecture.

Enjoy old Art Performances at Night
As the quintessence of China art performance, Beijing Opera is best reserved. Different performing styles, dressing styles and face-painting will offer you rich vision enjoyment. Sitting in the cozy theater, enjoying the flourishing art performance, you will find you have been mixed into them.

Appreciating old Beijing culture is very easy. All the aspects contributed on the right destinations relating old Beijing!