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How to Enjoy Beijing Roast Duck

Sampling exotic food is an essential experience while traveling abroad, especially while you are in Beijing, one of the most prestigious centers of gastronomy in the world. As the signature food of Beijing, the roast duck is not to be missed by anyone who wants to sample authentic Chinese food. Here are some tips regarding to roast duck:

Beijing Roast Duck

Find the right place to try roast duck
While traveling in Beijing, you can easily find a restaurant or a street stall for a bite of the roast duck. But if you want the experience to be more authentic and worthwhile, you really should consider putting the right place on your list to go in Beijing. It is highly recommended that you should head to one of the many up-scale restaurants that serve up roast duck such as Quanjude Restaurant. It may be pricy but you will get an essential dining experience too, which is more than worth your money and time. Moreover, after you find the right place for a taste of roast duck, it is best to make reservation in advance, as most of the restaurants are packed with foodies, especially the most famous ones. By the way, to make the roast duck takes much longer than you think, so reservation saves you a lot of time.

Try the roast duck the right way
While you are waiting for the roast duck dishes, you will be served with gorgeous starters from honey-soaked lettuce to sesame spinach. And then, the duck will be served. Before you rush to wolf down the dishes, you will have a chef who will come to the table and carve the crispy duck skin off for you. After he finishes cutting the duck, you may go ahead and start to enjoy the succulent duck. While enjoying the dishes, it is best to eat the duck with the pancake and bechamel. First roll the duck slices in the pancakes and add in some of the bechamel of your choice. Then you may sample away with the gourmet food. After the duck is served there will be other dishes, like beef, vegetables, rice and other very tasty dishes. However, it is the duck that gives you the most incredible dining experience.

Go for the duck. This Beijing delicacy is to dies for!