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How to Enjoy Great Nightlife in Beijing

Nightlife is also one of the terrific and amazing attractions of Beijing. After the daytime tour, most tourists want to get fully relaxed through the nightlife arrangements. How to gain a great nightlife during Beijing? Now, let us walk into this nightlife world.

Night View of Beijing

Fully Entertaining to Sanlitun Bar Street
Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street is the most famous bar street in Beijing housing the major bars of this capital city. Together with your friends, just choosing one favorite place, start your nightlife. Various drinks will fulfill your night experience with different flavors. Speak out your inner heart to your best friends and sharing your thoughts, it is great lace. If you are lucky, you can encounter new friends or beautiful girls and handsome boys. In addition to the recreation, Sanlitun Bar Street also establishes the shopping area and eating area. After drinking, you can have a leisurely appreciating to the famous brands clothes sold here. Any of them can attract your long time admiring, especially the young girls.

Enjoy Night Shows
If you are very interested in Chinese arts and cultures, you can have a close visit to the night shows, including Opera Show, Kung Fu Show and Acrobatic Show. Any of them can conquer your feeling with unique features and appearances. As the quintessence of Chinese art, Beijing Opera show can take you into old Beijing culture telling you more about Chinese arts. In addition, if you are very interested in the marvelous performances, Kung Fu Show and Acrobatics can take you into a marvelous world where full of exciting and wonders.

Appreciate Modern Night Scenery
For enjoying impressive Beijing nightlife, appreciating the night sparkling scenery is really nice choice. Together with your friends, walk into the dazzling world to appreciate the marvelous CCTV Tower under the neon, shining Tiananmen Square and other highlight plazas to their appearance in the daytime. Standing at the CCTV Tower, you can have a deep recognize to the modern Beijing. Seeing the cars, bus passing away to experience the faster economy. Immense in this colorful night, all your thoughts will be mixed into the lights.

Beijing nightlife serves you real wonders, if you really choose the right place!