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How to Enjoy Spring in Beijing

Spring is a lovely time of year to do some sightseeing in Beijing as the whole city is less packed with crowds and explodes with delightful displays of blossoms. From April to May, temperatures begin to rise in the city, making it perfect to do some outdoor activities like hiking and trekking on the Great Wall. While spring may be a little dry and windy, but you will get a chance to explore the city without competing with other travelers.

Highlight of Spring in Beijing
Beijing Spring

Springtime is a season when Beijing bursts out with spectacular displays of blossoms all over the city. If you only got a short time in Beijing, a guided flower viewing tour is highly recommended. If you want to do it on your own, it is also okay with the delightful blossom displays at every turn. Like the Beijing Arboretum, Pinggu Peach Orchards and many parks in Beijing are exploded with blossoms and worth a visit with a relaxing walk. Throughout April, Yuyuantan Park is the most sought-after destination among the locals for blossom-viewing. The park has a rich collection of cherry blossom trees – the largest in the city - and hosts an annual cherry blossom festival each April. The Summer Palace grounds and Temple of Heaven are also at their best in springtime and worth dropping by.

Useful Tips for Traveling in Spring
Beijing Spring

If you happen to be traveling to Beijing in spring, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind while enjoying your outdoor activities in the city. First of all, always keep up with the weather report before you go out on your trips, as Spring is a time when heavy winds and occasional sand storms from the Gobi Desert are plaguing Beijing. So when that happens, do have a backup plan to entertain yourself with some indoor activities. While temperatures in spring may be generally warm during the day, but be aware that they may drop dramatically, so it is highly recommended to wear plenty layers of clothes wherever you go. Secondly, there are two national holidays nationally celebrated during the spring: Tomb-sweeping Day in early April and May Day on May 1. If possible, it is highly recommended not to travel during these holidays if you want to beat some crowds, but if you must, pick some off-the-beaten-path tourist sites.

Anyway, hope you enjoy a fun trip to Beijing!