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How to Enjoy Summer Vacation in Beijing

There is no better way to explore Beijing and have fun than go on an ultimate hiking to the Great Wall and a tour of Beijing Hutong. It will give you a chance to enjoy the fresh outdoor and rich culture of Beijing.

Challenge Yourself with a Hiking to Great Wall
Great Wall in Beijing

For an essential Great Wall hiking experience, the Great Wall at Mutianyu is highly recommended. This section of the wall is very popular among travelers as one of the most beautiful, magnificent and safest section for a hiking experience! However, it takes lots of guts to explore the section of the Great Wall as many parts of the wall are built on rugged hills and some paths are also very steep to climb up. A hiking experience is perfect for putting your guts to test though and you will be rewarded by its amazing views in the end – it will be absolutely worth it! With the fresh outdoor air, the blue sky, the warm sunlight as well as the breathtaking countryside landscapes all over the place, you will have lots of fun and blood-pumping experiences! After a hiking on the wall, you will find that it will be one of the most exciting Chinese experiences you have ever had while traveling to China! Moreover, you will come across many foreign hikers just as enthusiastic as you, so you may hit it off right away while hiking up the wall! In addition, you will get a load of brilliant photos to brag about when you get home! Overall, a hiking to Mutianyu will be a memorable experience for you!

Immerse Yourself with an In-depth Hutong Tour
Beijing Hutong

While traveling to Beijing for some cultural experience, there is no better way to do it than a tour of Beijing Hutong. Hailed as the cultural encyclopedia, Beijing Hutong has a rich collection of the traditional residences and the famous courtyards. Moreover, with a tour of the Beijing Hutong tour, you will get close to the daily lives of the local Beijingers – who are all very hospital and friendly. It will be an essential Chinese experience with an in-depth tour of Hutong. These narrow lanes and alleyways are all over the city, making it very easy to find. If you are planning to explore Hutong on your own, retreat to any corner of the city, you will find yourself in a lovely Hutong. It will be fun and amazing experience for you!

Anyway, you will have lots of fun exploring Beijing no matter what you do!