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How to Explore Culinary Culture of Beijing

Hailed as one of the major centers of gastronomy in the world, Beijing has a rich culinary culture to offer foodies around the globe. With a visit to the city, you will not only get a chance to sample diverse gourmet cuisines Beijing has to offer but also get a sense of the rich culinary culture. Here are two destinations to help you to fully explore the culinary culture of Beijing:

Jiumen Snack Street

Venture down to Jiumen Snack Street
Nothing beats an exotic food adventure while visiting Beijing for those foodies! Jiumen Snack Street is located in the famous scenic spot of Shichahai area in Beijing, west of the former residence of Song Qingling. The snack street is backed up by Beijing Traditional Snacks Sponsoring Development Association to revitalize and rescue endangered traditional snacks as the main focus. In the nearly 3000 square meters of old courtyard house in Beijing, it offers the 12 traditional old snacks shops: Xiaochang Chen, Dalian Huoshao, Baodu Feng, Nailao Wei, Chatang Li, Yue Sheng Zhai, Xianbing Zhou, Deshunzhai, Niangao Li, Yangtou Ma and Doufonao Bai as well as Enyuanju. These time-honored restaurants offer people a chance to enjoy the delectable traditional snacks in Beijing. The snacks have a history of over hundred years and are representative of the dozens of traditional snacks, with a total number of more than 300 varieties of snacks. With a visit to the street, you will experience delectable dining from door to door, from house to house, stand next to stand, as well as the hustle and bustle of the scenes.

Another Must-visit Gastronomy Center
Fangzhuang Food Street has become the leading gastronomy center in southern Beijing city, with dozens of restaurants are woven into a network of gourmet food, definitely an equal to the famous Guijie - one of the most famous and traditional centers of gastronomy in Beijing. Fangzhuang Food Street is filled with restaurant facilities and lovely eateries, offering comprehensive and diverse cuisines, including Chinese food, Western-style food - adding radiance and beauty to each other. Because the surrounding residential area has been developed in recent years, the catering industry also rose to the occasion. Facilities are relatively complete on the broad street, and the size of the store is not small. Although this street is not as bustling as Guijie nightlife scene, but perhaps it is because the restaurant grade and overall atmosphere are much better than its counterpart.

Overall, an exotic food adventure in Beijing is an essential and authentic Chinese experience!