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How to Explore Hutong in Beijing

For most of the tourists, the best way to get a glimpse of life scenes of old Beijing is paying a tour around those splendid Hutongs. Here are some useful tips for first time visitors who want to get a full experience while visiting the Hutong area in Beijing.

Beijing Hutong Rickshaw

Explore the maze of alleys on rickshaw
Tourists can start from Beihai Park and hire a rickshaw before touring around among those winding Hutongs. And then get to the first stop of this tour, the Drum Tower, led by the tourist guide. You can climb up the tower with the guide and listen to the guide telling the history of Hutong, as well as the history of Beijing city. And also you can look further and get a glimpse of those crowded Hutongs along the axis line. This trip will be quite worth your while. Next, you can take a ride on the tricycle and go across a few Hutongs. And then take a tour along Shichahai and get off the ride at Yindian Bridge. And afterwards, under the company of the guide, you can take a long walk among those deep and winding Hutongs. While touring around, you can also listen to the guide telling you about the cultures of Hutong and Siheyuan, as well as the old lifestyles of Hutongs. And if you are curious enough, you can also pay a visit to Siheyuan and talk to those residents or get to know a little bit about their lives.

Pay a visit to the former residence or prince mansion
Afterwards, the tourists can take a ride to the famous Mansion of Prince Gong and take a good rest in there or enjoy an incredible tour. As the most famous Mansion of Prince, this mansion will leave you an impression that it is no less than a palace. A visit to the residence will lead you to many famous former residences which used to be home to a bunch of Chinese celebrities in Beijing. And it is also the most ideal way to know Beijing and the people. Compared with other places of interest in Beijing, the courtyard will offer you an incredible cultural experience and the most intoxicating journey in your lifetime.

Overall, no trip to Beijing would be complete without a tour of Beijing Hutong!