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How to Explore Wild Great Wall in Beijing

No trip to Beijing would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall. There are so many sections of the Great Wall available in Beijing, which all hold their own in terms of endemic features. For those enthusiastic backpackers, those sections off the beaten path are perfect for adventure and adrenaline-pumping experiences!

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Insider Picked Section for Off-the-beaten-path Experience
At the mention of the most off-the-beaten-path, photogenic and out-of-the-way section of the Great Wall, Huanghuacheng is second to none. Filled with one-of-a-kind scenery and local charms, Huanghuacheng offers you just about anything you can expect for a getaway experience in Beijing, from out-of-the-way Great Wall hiking, blood-pumping adventures to up-close immersing into local lifestyle. An excursion to Huanghuacheng will give you a chance to enjoy a good time, take in lovely countryside landscape and more importantly, get away from the bustle and hustle of the city. There are incredible photogenic spots at every turn and all you have to do is pick your favorite. There are many ways to explore the wild Great Wall at Huanghuacheng, such as hiking along the crumbling wall on foot, or biking through some lovely trails. The Great Wall attraction at Huanghuacheng is different from the other sections as somepart of the wall is submerged by water, forming a unique sight of the waterside Great Wall. With a visit here, it is all about fun, sampling gourmet local food, hiking wild walls and mingling with farmer residences.

Practical Tips for exploring Wild Great Wall
Unlike the restored sections of the Great Wall, the wild Great Wall is pretty much left to nature, making it much of a challenge to explore or hike through. So for better exploring the wild sections of the Great Wall, you should prepare very well before you hit the road over there. In fact, hiking or biking to those wild sections of the Great Wall will be a little different from those restored sections. A backpack filled with hiking gears and a sense of adventure is far from enough for your hiking to wild Great Wall. For first time hikers, it is highly recommended to hire a local guide, it will be safer and still you will end up with some blood-pumping experiences hiking through the crumbling trails along the wild Great Wall.

Overall, an off-the-beaten-path hiking to wild Great Wall is to die for while visiting Beijing!