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How to Fulfill 72 Hours Visa Free Tour in Beijing

For tourists, 72 hours visa free tour is just like a fairy treatment. By this advanced tour policy, tourists could not only save money and time but also realize their dreams getting close to dreamful attractions. Staying in Beijing, how to fulfill your72 hours visa free tour?

Beijing Great Wall

Seize Beijing Top Attractions
To be a smart traveler, coming to Beijing, arrange your attractions first is a must! Housing so many tourist attractions and deep Chinese culture, you will be mixed into disorder. If you are a fresh Beijing tourist, Great Wall is the first choice. Covering world wonder fame and unexpected project, different sections of the Great Wall are always listed into the tourism order. After that, the top imperial buildings will be a must. Forbidden City, as the imperial palace for 24 emperors, has undergone numerous histories and painstaking. After the two scenic spots, according to your interests, do your plan. However, for regular visitors, you could choose THE PALACE to feel the modern Beijing economy and Beijing Xidan Commercial Street to feel modern shopping condition.

Seize Top Beijing Cuisine
After Beijing attractions sightseeing, you should have a fully enjoyment about Beijing cuisine. As the representative of Beijing cuisine, Peking Roast Duck is the most impressive food. To be same as Beijing culture and history, Beijing Roast Duck also experienced complex history. With well-selected duck materials and different seasonings, Beijing Roast Duck also covered complex eating methods. The most famous Roast Duck Restaurant is Quanjude. Besides the top cuisine, Beijing snacks are the second bait. Visit Wangfujing Snack Street to enjoy various snacks from all over China.

Seize Beijing Night Show
Last of your 72 hours visa free tour, you could see the famous night show in Beijing. Representing Beijing traditional culture and history, Peking Opera Show is the most colorful. Sitting in the large scale square and listen to the delicate performance, you will be mixed into old Beijing. The roles, dressing styles and face-painting are all added with many complex ideas. The most famous Peking Opera Theater in Beijing is Liyuan Theater. Here, sipping a cup of tea and enjoy the typical performance, you could fully feel profound China Performance culture.

After getting attractions, cuisine and performances during 72 hours visa free tour staying in Beijing, you have got Beijing. Your visa free tour is successful!