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How to Get Your Blood Pumped in Beijing

If blood-pumping adventure is your thing and you would give anything for an ultimate adventure in Beijing, you will be in for a big surprise while visiting Beijing. There are as many destinations as you can imagine that Beijing has to offer for adventure. Here is one of the most popular locations where you can kick off your adventure in Beijing.

Yougushentan in Beijing

First: Explore Natural Features
After a steep climb up the ladder, you can reach the Shentan Scenic Area, covering an area of about 80 square meters, with the water more than six meters deep, clear and transparent, crystal like silver. Its natural and spectacular beauty along is reason enough for a visit! Yougu Shentan, because of its special geographical location and the peculiar structure, is rich in mineral resources, richly endowed by nature with a wide variety of natural attractions all over the area. Yougu Shentan is located in the territory of Huairou District, 75 km from Beijing which is a popular leisure area, boasting a pleasant climate. The scenic canyon is filled with amazing waterfalls, pools and steep cliffs, visitors can not only enjoy the extraordinary wonders looking like being created by the spirits of nature of the pen, but also enjoy the wonderful waterfalls and pools. The scenic area has Tongtian gate, crouching tiger hill, stone house, thunder-hit stone, Moon Refection Lake, olecranon peaks, rocks and cliffs and waterfalls ten popular sights.

Second: Explore Diverse Activities
When getting away from urban noisy city, tourists come here, not only can walk along the stone path or stroll by the brook, and listen to the stream gurgling, tasting the sweet in the air, but also appreciate the calligraphy, seal cutting and the ancient rock art from masters. There are 300m speed skating which can give you a chance to try a thrilling slide. The spring water boasts high quality - you can drink if you want- containing rich minerals. Natural green food on offer is also very delicious and nutritious. Worth trying includes Iron meat stew with frozen dried turnip, iron pot stewed dried cabbage etc… Secret Roast Lamb Leg is the signature dish of the area. Roast leg of lamb tastes very delicious, featuring crisp outside and tender inside, overflowing with aroma. The restaurant will also launch one or two special dishes every week. The elegant Yougu Shentan restaurant can accommodate 200 people dining at the same time, to a full set of country snacks and mountain banquet for you. You can enjoy your catch of trout fished by yourself and excellent flavor Roasted Whole Lamb and all kinds of game barbecues.

Overall, Yougu Shentan gives you once-in-a-lifetime adventure and essential Chinese outdoor experience while visiting Beijing.