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How to Hold Great Wall Spring Tour for First Timers

Beijing Great Wall groups are the eternal mystery for the tourists coming here for appreciating, especially the first timers. Housed profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beijing Great Wall has become a must spot for discovering and explore. Weather is becoming warm and dazzling, how to hold Great Wall tour will be the hot topic for every visitor.

Beijing Great Wall

Charming Great Wall Sections during Spring
Spring is a blossoming season when all the plants and creatures will reach the utmost beauty and fresh appearance. Located in Beijing suburb areas, Beijing Great Wall sections will also start to change their face greeting a new season. As the most famous Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall will be covered by a large scale green area, fresh grasses, dazzling flowers and luxuriant trees, etc. The nearby Badaling Wildlife Park will be full of lovely animals, running and singing. The alive atmosphere adds more colors to this section. Get away from the bustle city life, getting a fully relaxed here, you would enjoy the real tranquility here. Mutianyu Great Wall will be the most charming section with less crowded. Here, you could have a wonderful hiking journey along this best preserved section. Being far away from Beijing city center, Jinshanling Great Wall will attract more and more tourists with unique appearance and locations. In the west section, you could enjoy the most charming sunset scenery. During the night, you could enjoy a nice camp and the happy bonfire.

Tips for Exploring Beijing Great Wall Sections
If you want to have a terrific spring holiday exploring Great Wall sections, some tips you should hold. Getting away from Chinese festival and the weekends will be the first must, because during this period, each section will be full of tourists. It will make your hiking journey boring and more tired. Second, you should check the weather report in advance, because the spring weather varied constantly. Rainy and shower condition will happen at any time. If you want to explore very much, doing enough preparation will be a smart idea, taking umbrellas and food, etc. Third, you should book the hotel in advance. During the tourism season, all the hotels will become very busy.

In order to make your Great Wall tour more different and charming, join us! Terrific and charming spring moment will start from here!