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How to Lead Your Children an Excellent Childhood

Tourism for children is an ideal education. There is an old saying that a healthy life needs a nature mind. For the outer world, children always hold curiosity and many interests. During this period, if we stopped their interests and some curiosities, their life will be disturbed. Leading them into lovely animal world will be another enjoyment. So, in order to decorate their childhood more colorful and meaningful, I would like to give you some suggestions.

First Getting Close to Nature
Beijing Aquarium

As the most famous and paradise land, Beijing Zoo has gained high fame among tourists, especially in the families. Charming environment, lovely animals and knowledgeable marks would add some colors to their lovely age period. Walking into Beijing Zoo, what impressed you first will be the picturesque sceneries, willow trees looking like slim girls dancing; flowers are reaching utmost blossoming appearance; little birds singing and sending you warmest greeting. After that will be the lovely decorations. No matter wherever you went, there will be lovely marks decorating the trees, benches and some visiting areas. Most interesting is that even the garbage boxes are all decorated with lovely animal appearance. After enjoying these, it is time to appreciate the lovely animals – Pandas. Taking your children to get close to them, ideas will appear on their mind. On one hand their vision will be widened; on the other hand, visiting could rich their experience. Apart from this, aquarium world would also bring much exciting to them. Wandering in the ocean world, conducting their cute imagination will be a perfect idea.

Second Simulating Realistic Life
Be You World

As a must explore place during the childhood, Beijing Be You World has received abroad attention in the parents. Covering a large scale area, this world is not only an imaginary place but a truly fantastic social environment where the kids could learn more about the social knowledge and relations. If you say it is just a playground, it will be more right as an interactive education platform. Equipped with the most advanced education facilities and technology, it plaid a very important role as a largest indoor profession-experience entertaining center. According to the characters and habits, there will be certain policies to be made. Extending individuality and developed their proficiency, Be You World will be a wonderful platform!

Join us, all Beijing treasure will be listed in your itineraries!