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How to Realize a Truly Modern City Tour

After sets of Beijing traditional appreciation, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven, etc, most of the tourists housed curiosities to Beijing modern appearance. It is very hard to research the modern tastes from the appearance. How to realize a truly modern Beijing tour? Now, I would like to lead you to walk closer to them.

Modern 798 Art Zone
798 Art Zone

Located I the northeast corner of this city, 798 Art Zone is the exhibition center of Chinese culture and art with the coverage area of about 0.6 square kilometers. At the same time, it is also regarded as the world famous and creative industries centralized area. For the tourists who are very interested in the modern tastes, especially the art and culture, 798 Art District will be a terrific place. Now, it has attracted a great deal of attention from the media of all over the world. Wandering here, various strange and interesting figure models will appear to you, galleries, design studios and art exhibition spaces, etc.

Modern National Stadium
Bird's Nest

In order to greet the colorful 2008 Olympic Games, the modern National Stadium was built. Famous Birds Nest and dazzling Water Cube these two centers become the modern mark of Beijing city. Each designing corner, building idea and appearance all exhibited the new hope and new dream. Covering a large scale area, Birds Nest is like a nest representing the hope and dream of each people. With the advanced architecture and building materials, it has become a must-enjoy place during the modern tour. Water cube conducted as the main stadium of swimming in the Olympic Games now has regarded as the large scale water-entertaining center. Advanced facilities established inside added more colors to this section.

CCTV Tower
CCTV Tower

Located in the west third ring, CCTV Tower covered a large scale of 12,143 square meters with many rehearsal halls are built below. As the representative of Beijing modern times, this tower is just like a dazzling star decorating Beijing. Most attractive will be the Revolving Restaurant located on the eighteenth floor which could admit 250 people. Ranging from Chinese and western style buffets, this restaurant would take 80 minutes to make a full rotation. When enjoying the delicious cuisine, tourists could enjoy the colorful sightseeing. Especially during the night, under the neon, everything showed unique gorgeous and attractive!

Under these three large modern buildings, modern Beijing tour will be enough!