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How to Sample Beijing Snacks

Hailed as a cultural Mecca, Beijing has not only a wide variety of historic sightseeing, but also countless gourmet snacks worth sampling while visiting Beijing. Here is some basic information about how to sample Beijing snacks.

Snacks worth sampling in Beijing
Beijing Snacks

Beijing snacks, commonly known as Pengtoushi and Caishi according to locals, featuring an integration of the Han, Mongolian, Manchu, Hui ethnic flavor snacks and Ming, Qing Imperial snacks and rich variety and unique flavor. Beijing snacks boast about two to three hundred varieties. They are the side dishes (such as white water lamb head, Baodu, Baikui roast lamb head, Jiemo Dunzi), and the banquet food (such as Wotou, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork, sheep eyes steamed stuffed bun, Wufu Peach-Shaped Mantou, Ma Rong bun) and snacks for breakfast and dinner (such as AI Wo Wo, Fried Chop Rice Cake etc.). The most flavorful snacks include Douzhi, Enema, Chaogan, Mapo Tofu, Noodles with Soy Bean Paste etc. Some of the old restaurants offer rich varieties, like Fangshan alveolus fossa, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork, pea, Kidney Bean Rolls, fengzeyuan restaurant Steamed Rolls, DongLaiShun Restaurant Butter fried cake, He Yi vegetarian restaurant Guanchang and more. Moreover, many more other snacks are sold in Beijing in the snack bar and night market food stalls.

Where to find snack restaurant
Beijing Snacks

Beijing has a large number of restaurants where you can find delicious Beijing snacks. If you want to enjoy more authentic Beijing snacks, you should head to those time-honored restaurants and stores. The list includes: Longfusi Snack Store: on the East Longfu Temple Street opposite the Longfu building. Bai Kui Laohao: the roast mutton and meat pie doornail is very famous. Xinghua Baodu Store: located opposite the Shatan Honglou, in addition to Baodu it also offers halal snacks. Halal Restaurant: Ruizhen Restaurant is located in southwest corner of Dongsi Road. The only food is takeout, and the Xingyue fried cake is out of the world. Nanlaishun Restaurant sits in the west of Daguanyuan, the first floor offers snacks. Xinhua Snack Shop offers Guotie and Bean milk. Enyuanju Restaurant enjoys a high prestige and offers a wide variety of traditional Beijing snacks.

Overall, with a visit to Beijing, you will enjoy an essential dining experience and get a chance to sample delicious snacks!