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How to Seize a Typical Beijing Tour

As the capital city of China, Beijing is easy to get but hard to enjoy. It has a large number of attractions to visit and a lot of interesting things to do. So, during your Beijing tour, seize the treasures can prove your 'Beijing Visit'. How to seize them?

Beijing Hutong

Travel in Time
As we all know, Beijing stores a long history and deep traditional cultural connotation. Visitors, though unable be traverse time, can be taken the distance in a rickshaw of the late Qing Dynasty through the Ming Tombs or Hutongs. You can join our Hutong tour to enjoy the old Beijing lifestyle and local cultures. Only in Beijing, travelers can traverse through Qing Dynasty, hang a right at the Tang Dynasty and enjoy the natural scenery in-between all from the comfort of a cozy Mao era sidecar.

Soar Above the Wall
As the vast structure stretching Chinese northern borders, Great Wall is regarded as the world wonder hovering around Beijing suburb area protecting the Beijing people. Staying in Beijing, tourists can enjoy multi-section, Badaling Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall and Simatai Great Wall, etc. Deeply enjoy their appearance and features. Climb over the curve of the wall's body and towers, navigate the wall as it slithers a path through forestry, snow topped peaks and valleys. It is really a great chance to get spirit and body relaxed!

Live the Olympic Dream
During Beijing tour, tourists always overlook the majesty of the 2008 Chinese Olympics, the local government and people regard this structure as Chinese coming out party and the festivities are still on display. Famous designers designed the Birds Nest as a gem amid the ultra modern Olympic Village. Traditional architectures clash and collage with contemporary designs. Along with the massive ocean blue Water Cube, just releasing your dream and hope.

Topple the Empires
During Beijing tour, there is another enjoyment you can only do in Beijing. It is to enjoy the glory of the empires through the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace and so. Just roaming in the royal gardens or palaces to deep feel the past glory, it is really a experience of widening vision.

Worship at Famous Temples
Last thing for seizing Beijing tour is to have worship at famous temples. With the Lama Temple, Temple of Heaven and White Cloud Monastery, etc all established in capital city, Beijing serves the food for the soul.

Get the five things that you can do in Beijing, marvelous holiday is just around the corner!