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How to Soak up Scenic Houhai

A favorite haunt for visitors to Beijing and the most beautiful scenic areas, Houhai is a great place to take in ancient sights, natural beauty and traditional residences while visiting Beijing. Here is to how to soak up best of Houhai with a trip down there!

Hutong around Houhai

Discover Former Residences in Houhai
Stroll along the lakeside, you can head to plenty of famous former residences nearby - all within walking distance of the lake. If it is during the day, visitors can not only take in ancient sights over there but also pay a visit to those former residences which used to be home to a bunch of celebrities in China. At night you can head in a bar, teahouse to have fun or get some rest. The area is only a few steps away from the Yandaixiejie where you can appreciate curios, or head into Gongwangfu (once a prince mansion), the Fu Jen Catholic University and other sites, all worth a visit. Gongwangfu is home to the famous Heshen Mansion Garden, hailed as the largest courtyard in the world that represents the most complete Qing Dynasty prince mansion. Now the former residence has been open to Chinese and foreign visitors, and designated as cultural sites. Overall, there are plenty of other former residences worth exploring and it is a great way to explore essence of Houhai.

Soak up Culture Crash in Houhai
Lakeside teahouse in Houhai is designed based on Chinese traditional bamboo furniture and flower and bird freehand painting background. While listening to the Beijing accent, sip the tea and taste traditional Beijing snacks - you will get to soak u Chinese culture. Moreover, across the lake there are many old Beijing alleys, quadrangles in sight - a look at them just like flashing across the old movies. Out of the teahouse, strolling around the lake, neon lights are lit at night, which will reflect on the lake, Lake food stalls are already filled with all kinds of guests, many of them foreigners. Over the years, Houhai area has become home to the classical tradition and modern, Oriental culture and Western culture. Indeed, in the bustling metropolis Houhai has long been hailed as the must-go retreat, and such a wonderful place is really worth exploring near the lake. A visit to the lakeside and its surroundings will give you a chance to feel for the culture crash in Beijing.

Overall, Houhai scenic area makes for a great destination to explore essence of Beijing!