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How to Stay Fit and Healthy during Beijing Summer Tour

It is much of a challenge to stay healthy for most of visitors while traveling in Beijing during the hot summer. It is hard to deal with heat and humidity, especially for those first time visitors. This does not mean you should skip visiting Beijing during the summer months. Summer is also a great time to explore Beijing. Here is how to stay fit during summer travel in Beijing.

Summer Tour in Beijing

How to eat and drink while exploring outdoors in Beijing
The amazing outdoors of Beijing are well worth exploring while in summer, but outdoor activities may cause some troubles for your health, especially if kids are along. So it is best to stay hydrated and try to get some rest from time to time while exploring the outdoors in Beijing. Moreover, while hiking to the Great Wall, take along some healthy food for you and your family to eat. Hotel food is getting less and less tolerable. Nuts, fruits, sandwiches and vegetable sticks are all good options for your outdoor excursions. While traveling with kids in Beijing, to know how to eat and get rest is very important.

How to dress for the heat in Beijing
Beijing has a hot summer. If you wear casual clothes, you can be very comfortable and casual for all of your visit. To deal with the summer heat you might want to wear as less as possible but you should know that China is still a relatively modest country in terms of dress-code. So it is not such a good idea biking around in your short-shorts and bikini top. Comfortable, loose-fitting, lightweight clothing will just do for your travel in Beijing. You can pack from home or pick up some fabrics in Beijing that dry easily so you can wash them in your hotel. If you are planning on doing laundry in Beijing, you will enjoy more while traveling light. If you feel like it, there are plenty of places in Beijing for you to pick up casual clothing and hats along the way. Moreover, good sunscreen is worth carrying along while traveling in summer. The summer bugs can be a big trouble when you explore outside Beijing like hiking to the Great Wall so it is best to wear effective mosquito spray while traveling off-the-beaten-path.

Overall, with all these tips in mind, you will have a pleasant trip to Beijing!