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How to Tailor a Wonderful Beijing Tour

Every year, every season and every day, Beijing will be full of millions of tourists discovering the highlights. As the capital city, Beijing is rich for the ancient treasures, modern constructions and natural sceneries. Any of them will enough make your tour wonderful. However, how to hold your Beijing tour? How to tailor a wonderful Beijing holiday? Now, let us have a detail explain.

Start From the Center to Suburb Area
Great Wall in Beijing

For the fresh Beijing visitors, Great Wall buildings will be a must enjoy lace for them, especially for the tourists from the foreign countries. One point we need to remember is that the closing time of the scenic spot. If you start your journey from the suburb area, then the center spots will be delayed. So, at this time, to be a smart traveler! It is an ideal idea start to explore from the center spots, such as Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City. In the afternoon, after lunch, it will be appropriate to hike the Great Wall buildings. Like this traveling, on one hand you could save time and money, on the other hand, you could take full advantage of your holidays.

Ideal Season, Ideal Destinations, Ideal Objects 
Beijing Happy Valley

Arrange your destination according to the season and objects will be fun! For example, if you are very interested in the parks and charming sceneries, sprout spring season will be an ideal time. During this period, this park will reach the fully blossom, gorgeous and fragrant! If you take your children exploring holidays, the ideal place will be the exciting park equipped with the lovely animals and interesting activities. Among all the destinations, Beijing Zoo and Beijing Happy Valley will be terrific for the family tour. Lovely pandas will be the treasures in the children. Exciting activity facilities will make the children reach the utmost happy during their childhood. For the young couples, it is certainly having a romantic destination such as the Blues Manor.

Meaningful Visa Free Tour
Most of the tourists felt regret for without chance coming to Beijing having a terrific enjoyment when pass China from the first country to the second country! Do not forget, there is a terrific policy that tourists have right stay in the second country for 72 hours without visa. So, inspire your interests, booking an advanced visa free tour, you will be lucky have a superb holiday during busyness! 

After these points, I believe your terrific holiday is just around the corner!