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Huangyaguan Pass of Great Wall

Huangyaguan Great Wall is typical and terrific building in Tianjin. It enjoys a high fame as the miniature of Great Wall in China.

Huangyaguan Great Wall

Origin of Huangyaguan Great Wall
Located in the mountainous area of Tianjin, Huangyaguan Great Wall was first built in Northern Qi Dynasty. Later in the Ming Dynasty, it was enlarged and rebuilt with ancient bricks. During that time, chief commanding officer is Qi Jiguang who contributed too much on the Great Wall building. He added watchtowers and defensive works to the building making it to be the most important section. In the ancient war time, the pass played a very important role and in modern days, here is regarded as the ideal summer resort to experience summer heat. Being composed by the Great Wall and the Taiping Mountain Stronghold, it stores too many historical treasures.

Typical Huangyaguan Pass
In the year of 1984, Tianjin people spent about three years rebuilding the main wall stretching from Banlagang Mountain to Wangmaoding Mountain. This large scale project is equal to 3,308 yards. During the repairing, Tianjin people built 20 terraces, Huangya Water Gate and Bagua Castle. Most important is that the defensive system is complete. Along the wall, each corner was arranged orderly including the watchtowers, frontier cities, barracks and other important military facilities, etc. Besides, the stele forests of Great Wall, Beiji Temple, the exhibition hall of famous couplets and the Great Wall Museum as well as the Phoenix Fortress are all newly built along the wall. Autumn is the best time to climb the Huangyaguan Great Wall with the cool weather and natural scenery.

Huangyaguan Mountain Stronghold
Not far away from Huangyaguan Great Wall, Taiping Mountain Stronghold is located with magnificent layout, profound history and deep culture. It played a very important role in the ancient war times. There are impressive statue of Qi Jiguang and typical Widow Tower located inside. There are delicate accommodation and restaurants near. Tourists can enjoy delicious wild dishes. Appreciating the natural scenery and the vigorous buildings while enjoying the farm-made cuisine, it is very easy to make you mixing into the ancient history.

It is very hard to access Chinese ancient times and stories. Just seizing the chance to visit Huangyaguan Great Wall, it will offer you much more surprises!