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Hunting in Beijing

As a time-honored historic city, Beijing has diverse fun things to explore while visiting in summer. For those enthusiastic travelers who want to experience hunting in Beijing, here is top destination worth a visit, Yunxiu Valley Hunting Field.

Yunxiu Valley in Beijing

Overview of Yunxiu Valley
Yunxiugu scenic area is located in Miyun Xinchengzi Yaoqiao Valley, 132 kilometers away from Beijing, where the natural environment is superior. Mountain area enjoys vegetation coverage rate of 95%. The hunting area is multifunctional tourist area, divided into the Miyun international hunting ground, modern flying saucer shooting field and Mongolia folk village, cloud Valley Scenic Area etc. Scenic area sits at the east of the state-level Forest Park - Wuling Mountain, west of the Great Wall at simatai section. Closed hunting field covers an area of more than 6000 acres, with the hunting field of nearly 100 square kilometers, 20 kinds of birds and animals. Yunxiugu boasts the highest elevation of 1700 meters with the annual average temperature 12 degrees, making it a good place to escape summer heat. 400 meters of headroom strop allows you to experience the feeling of flying high. Peaks and rocks, deep pools, waterfalls can all be found here, especially the geological red stone and the ancient gravel stone group is very rare.

Fun Stuff to Explore in Yunxiugu
Modern flying saucer shooting, which is provided with an electric transmission device, allows you to display your shooting skill to the full. The Wuling Lake recreation area is a great place for fishing, swimming, boating, speedboats and so on. In the scenic area visitors can live in farmhouse courtyard, eat farmhouse meal, take in farmhouse joy. Moreover the cultural landscapes can also be found here, such as Liu Bowen, Beacon Tower and the Great Wall folk castle, which came from in Ming Dynasty, home to the generations of officers and men of the frontier with more than 100 households. Mongolia folk village can provide a variety of services. Cloud Shuixiu Valley Scenic Area Red stone, beautiful scenery, flowers, displaying red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, with aromatic fragrance. Accommodation is very convenient, you can stay in comfortable, high, low-grade hotels and eat farmhouse meal, live in farmhouse courtyard, enjoy the farm folk flavor.

Overall, Yunxiu Valley makes for a great retreat for travelers to Beijing in summer!