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1 Day Bus Tour: Beijing Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda Zoo

Second time to Beijing, the local characteristic architecture, animal and culture draw me lots. Before this itinerary, I have found a local Beijing tour operator give me directions in Beijing, also booked 1 day bus tour to Beijing ancient hutong, Lama Temple and Panda Zoo. Ready for this tour, I was so excited to see the pandas.

Next morning, I have breakfast at hotel, then met the tour guide. First stop was Beijing Zoo. It looked very beautiful in surface with classic structure and delicate decorative pattern. Entering the area of panda house, I loved them at once. They are so lovely, fat and charmingly naïve. A small panda, seemed like in young age, played happily with the manmade facilities set by workers. I much wanted to hug them but the rules. A mother panda always held its baby and helped it to eat bamboo. Tour guide said that all these pandas were the lucky animals in Olympic Games and the Asian Games. They do their things without any trouble and fight. Suddenly I wished to be panda like them. In order to remember these pandas, I bought various souvenirs.

Lama Temple

Ended panda tour, we were transferred to Lama Temple, a architecture has strong style of Tibetan Buddhism. From outlook, it is a combination of Tibet, Mongolia and China. Heard of this temple is very efficacious for the hearted wish, hence attracts a lot of sincere worshipers. So I gave a wish to the Buddhists for my family. The place was built in 1694 by Qing Emperor Kang xi for his 4th son, Prince Yongzheng who later succeeded to the throne. Later it became a lama temple. It's in the middle of the city with easy access. Not just touristic, but also religious place. It was the first temple we visited in China, but it carved in my heart.

What most interesting fantastic was the rickshaw in hutongs. The frank rider told me many stories about these unique hutongs. Gathered various shops, houses and restaurants, hutong was the local and ancient residence place for local people. Every lane had its wonderful story, spread from generation to generation.

Ended of this day, I paid much attention to the religion, culture and history about China. Of course, I was mad about these characteristics of ancient China.