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Qianmen Street and Dashilan Shopping Tour

Located at back of Tiananmen Square, Qianmen Street was busy street originally and close to Zhengyangmen. In Ming and Qing Dynasty, it was called as Zhengyangmen Street and renamed as Qianmen Street formally in 1965. Owing to the developed business in middle of Ming Dynasty, the both sides of Qianmen Street appear many markets and rows, so Qianmen Street shapes to be a business street gradually, including the famous Dashilan.

Qianmen Street

Sits on axle wire, Qianmen Street was rebuilt in 2008, before Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, in order to leave a better impression for foreigners. The rebuilt Qianmen Street still keeps the antique buildings, no matter traditional shops or modern western brands all sit in these Chinese typical constructions. The big Pailou tells you are entering the Qianmen Street, the most famous business street. As a Chinese, I like this kind of buildings very much, and they attract me by their delicate details, cultured shapes and bright colors. The most interesting in Qianmen Street is the free tramcar, tourists can take it to enjoy the sightseeing of Qianmen Street. This kind of car was the transportation in old Beijing and Shanghai, is a mark of time. Walking in the main street, we found several hutongs in both sides which are also flourishing. Most stores in Qianmen Street are China time-honored brands, such as Quanjude, Tanmujiang, etc. Now, Xianyukou Hutong is Food Street, attracts tourists with their delicious smells and strange names.

Beijing Dashilan

After short distance and turn left, we found the Dashilan, the most famous business street in Qianmen area. Dashilan is an important part of axle wire from south to north with 500 years history, includes 36 shops in 11 industries. Dashilan keeps many original constructions, and the constructions and things happened between them are all the human treasure and culture resources. Today, I really appreciate the most values of Beijing. Also, we found the Tianjin specialty – Goubuli, which is the most steamed stuffed bun. Wandering in this small street, I seemed back to its old time and appreciate its flourishing scenery in that time. At the end of Dashilan, I found there are many shops of Ruifuxiang spread in Qianmen area. It is said the material of first national flag was offered by Ruifuxiang. If you tailor clothing in Ruifuxiang, it must be beautiful and valuable. Especially the cheongsam, it is very elegant and beautiful.

In one word, Qianmen area is the most famous and flourishing area with typical Chinese features.