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Iconic Structure of the Great Wall - Madao

The tall watchtower, the forts and crenels all make the city wall invulnerable. During the cold weapon era, the capital fortification is state of the art. In the defense system, Madao is an indispensable facility. Ma Dao connects with city people, the soldiers and plays a key role in the defense of the Great Wall. When the war is ceased or during the war, Madao is very important. The 40's of the last century, Beijing old city wall also used Ma Dao as the basic integrity. The main function of Madao is to transport soldiers, food and weapons. Built close to the wall (tower), providing easy access to the top of the wall, Ma Dao is often designed with a Chinese eight, with width of about a few meters, brick paved, set up outside the parapet.

Madao of the Great Wall

The construction of the city, in addition to the gate towers and turrets, Madaos are evenly distributed on the wall. The Madao on the wall, according to the distance and defense, is designed with two floor high, providing traffic, transport and troop movements. For example, the Yaowang Miao Jie (later renamed the Old Drum Tower Street) north and Lama Temple Street are equipped with Madao. The streets are the original metropolitan city street. Meanwhile, because of the delivery of goods and troops in war, it gradually formed a new street in the vicinity. Later the city has formed a new street intersection, known as the "Xinjiekou". Street north city wall is provided with a pair of Madao.

Madao is usually built in vertical high slope and concerns a series of construction process, its main function is to ensure the slope stability (general slope above about 10m, as the case may be) and the main function is to provide traffic and personnel and small equipment transportation. Madao, if you literally interpret, can fit this explanation, first of all, it is a channel or a shape similar to the channel, which is different from the highway road, it should be narrow and the shape should not be too complicated, this means Ma Dao in general has to be in line with construction rules, linear or circular, but not wide. With width generally only 1~2m, 3~4m is relatively too wide. All in all, Madao is the essence of the Great Wall in terms of the engineering art of China.