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Ideal Tools for Better Visiting Beijing Attractions

Getting a fully exciting tour will be an ideal choice in the tourists visiting Beijing. Have you got ideas about appreciating Beijing attractions? How should you experience complete holiday? Today, let us have a general conclusion!

Forbidden City

Audio Guide Device Exploring Imperial Palace
Every tourist wants to have a leisurely and meaningful visit for every spot they met. This time, the Audio Guide Device will be an ideal choice. As the representative of Beijing, with profound history and incomparable influence, Beijing Forbidden City has become a must-visit destination in the tourists, especially the foreign tourists. Wandering in this mysterious building, there are too much to discover, history, function of each small palace, complex building architecture, emperors lived inside, delicate decorations and the background, etc. Each of them needs detail exploration. Searching a tour guide belonging to you, Audio Guide Device will be an ideal choice. It is cheap to get and easy to operate. Wherever you went, it will express the detail and complete explanation to you, helping you a have a better understanding about this imperial palace and Chinese ancient history. In addition, Summer Palace is also a charming place deserving to rent this kind of device. Coming to Beijing, do not make it become regret!

Cable Car for Great Wall Hiking
For the tourists who are interested in Beijing Great Wall sections, Cable Car will be an ideal choice for the travelers. As new advanced facility equipped with Great Wall, it has become a public tool for hiking, especially for the weak groups, women, disabled, children and old people. Taking it, you could have an overview about the landscapes. The dragons style appearance will truly formed in your eyes. If your time is limited, cable car could help you save time. If you want to have a fly feeling in the fresh urban area, cable car could lead you incomparable feeling. Take your children enjoying the feeling, fast, safety and reliable!

Rickshaw Wandering Hutong
As the representative of Beijing, Beijing Hutong is terrific reflection of old Beijing culture and history. In order to make the feeling more apropos, Rickshaw will be the best choice. Sitting on the typical transportation, appreciating a set of old Hutongs, listening to the driver singing or telling story, you would find you have been mixed into this ancient atmosphere, mysterious and exciting. All the harmonies will surround you, forming a kind of old Beijing feature!