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Imperial Gardens for Beijing Summer Holiday

Usually tourists coming to Beijing China want to have a broad view to Chinese profound history and the deep traditional cultural connotation. As the representative of Beijing history, imperial palaces will be a must to enjoy. During your summer holiday, either make you have a cool and relaxed vacation or widen your eye vision, Summer Palace and Old Summer Palace will be two ideal places.

Gorgeous Summer Palace
Summer Palace

If you say Old Summer Palace is a set of film, Summer Palace will be a real scene where you could get close to the truly sceneries, pavilions, rocks and profound histories. In China, Summer Palace is the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China. At the same time, it greatly influenced Chinese horticulture and landscapes with natural views and cultural interests. So, it got a high prestige as a Museum of Royal Gardens. Here, you could imagine its beauty. During your summer holiday here, it will be no doubt the Kunming Lake is the most attractive part. Covering three quarters area of this whole garden, it played a very important role as a summer resort in the ancient times. On the water, there is a bridge. Standing on the bridge, tourists could have a closer to the views of all over the garden.

Tranquil Old Summer Palace
Old Summer Palace

For the gorgeous women having lost the origin beauty, Old Summer Palace is still regarded as a treasure in the tourists, because the history and sceneries it housed could not be described by any words. With profound history and deep culture, Old Summer Palace was first built as a summer resort for the emperors. Just because of the cool location, it conducted the advanced effect. However, now, what left tourists are the large scale tranquil environment and the water areas. Most important is the ruined bricks which are the witness of its prosperous. Sitting on the rock, a shower of cold breeze flow your face taking some water tastes refresh your mind. You would be indicted into this poetic history. Being divided into three parts, each part could give you the feeling of summer happiness. Trees here are still blossoming forming a set of umbrellas to your summer holiday. Pearl water is seemed to be doing their best to protect this ruined soldier to memorize different past history.

Join us, these two imperial gardens could enough make your summer holiday special and memorable!