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Impressive Holiday, Big Harvest

Staying in Beijing for two years and I have not explored such a meaningful tour. Much thanks to my tour guide - Anna. She is really a smart tour guide, very responsible and sincere. No matter wherever we went or stay, she always tells us the attention points. W really got enough attention on the whole journey. About the scenic spots, it is no doubt terrific.

Forbidden City

Tiananmen Square appeared first. I liked the atmosphere there, large scale area, grave full of crowded tourists. It is really a very solemn place where we should pass through the safety check. There are many tourists coming here for enjoying the picture of Chairman Mao. Some are paying attention on the surroundings. We just entered into the Forbidden City through the meridian gate. Forbidden City is really a very dazzling castle full of imperial atmosphere and luxurious buildings. I enjoyed this place very happy that I combined the background and its building appearance. The main palaces built in the front area gave us a big shock, very solemn and grave. Golden appearance impressed us deeply. To the regret is they are all forbidden to enter.

Badaling Great Wall

Compared to the downtown imperial buildings, I liked Beijing suburb area better. I finally appreciated Badaling Great Wall. I really did not know how to express my exciting feeling and also did not know how to describe its appearance, its elegance and its magnificence. I just know it deserved the high fame of world wonder! At the beginning, we just leisurely enjoyed the climbing journey, free. The bricks built on this wall are all sending out ancient tastes. There are many holes appeared in the Great Wall. In fact, these small holes stored many ideas and background. We went on climbing, best preserved appearance, ancient atmosphere. Most impressive will be these watchtowers, real appearance as the book said. Standing in them, through the window, I could feel the ancient war times. Vendors selling various goods ranked along the way attracting many tourists attention. After finishing about eight percent journey, the steps for us are just like the mountains. It is very hard to keep moving. We had to find a land for relaxing. Keeping quiet to feel the real nature is a very happy enjoyment. After that, we encouraged ourselves and went on climbing.

Finally, we succeed conquering it. Standing at the top point, I found we have cultivated sentiment and mood. I widened my vision!