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Impressive Original Great Wall

I clearly remembered on the first day of my tour, after exploring the Ming Tomb, we were transferred to the farmhouse near Jinshanling Great Wall. To be honest, at that time, I have tasted the tranquil and wild features.

Jinshanling Great Wall

My mother got up very early, because she has heard this mysterious Great Wall for long time. We started the hiking journey from the east section. Morning sunlight is full of strength and vigorous feeling. We backpacked the camera, drinks and my favorite snacks starting the dreamful journey. The road is easy to hike, very fluent and wild. Most of the wall bricks have been destroyed only leaving the ruined sections. Under the light breeze, I could smell the flavor of the earth. For the summer season, all the dewdrops in the grasses send out sparkling color, delicate and lovely. I think this time, the air is the most fresh in this metropolis city, I was really mixed into this tranquil suburb area without any man-made decorations. Wow, it is just the watchtower. It has lost the roof, only the destroyed windows and grasses as well as the grey walls. Tourists are becoming more and more. We greeted with each other throw the best wishes. After half an hour, we choose one corner for sitting and relaxing. Drinking the water, appreciating the natural sceneries, I suddenly found the water become sweet. The sceneries in close distance and the far distance are all showing the fresh color.

Compared to Jinshanling Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall showed more dangerous and unique full of risk sections. There are many section roads full of ruined bricks. We paid much attention hiking on the journey, too adventurous and exciting. I helped my mother and we passed through one by one ruined section. Successful feeling is full of my mind and body. Sceneries here are also very beautiful with several birds singing. They seemed to be speaking to the travelers here. Slowly, we got the half journey. We choose the watchtower for leisurely appreciating and relax. I walked around the destroyed building thinking too much, Chinese ancient history, culture and the local typical tranquility. The sun raises high and the temperature is becoming hotter and hotter. Tourists here are less than just now. We took out the cameras taking some pictures with this risky building. I did not know I still housed many interest.

On the way back to the downtown area, all my nerves are still inspired for the magnificent Great Wall wonder!