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Impressive Short Trip to Beijing with my Husband

I got the trip from the local China tourism website with the online booking. First, it was very simple to book the trip. With the help of trip advisor, I got the trip that I want. The trip advisor was really polite and informative, she even explained and answered clearly all of my questions. My husband did not have any idea when I got the trip, I would like to give him a surprise vacation since we got nothing to do on the last vacation. I said I would prepare it, so I did take the responsibility to get the tour and pick the destination.

Overall, the tour was really well organized and memorable. We just got back from our vacation in Beijing last time. That was my first time explored the capital of China and also was our first time to visit China too. Beijing is a very nice city, the weather was good enough I think, the air was not so bad, nothing too much different with our home country.

Magnificent Sightseeing in Forbidden City

Beijing is surely rich of history and diverse culture. There has located lots of historical sites that famous till the world and even listed as the world heritage sites. Those attractions include Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace etc. All of them are interesting and must destinations to visit in Beijing. The architecture is so ancient and full of characteristic. For example Summer Palace which has stunning garden landscapes and many cultural relics, really beautiful place to go. During the tour, we were never stopped impressed by all the architecture, history, culture and art that China has.

The most important thing, my husband, he was very happy and satisfy with my choice. We had tons of memorable memories as well as learned a lot about China in all different aspects. Within those 5 days, we did visit amount of interesting places and got enough time to rest and take some photos. All the tour guides were so informative and friendly. We were very comfortable and impressed with the services. Covers everything that I needs include hotels, van, tour guides, driver, entrance tickets, etc, the tour was so organized. I believe if I arrange the trip by ourselves, surely we could not explore as much as we did on the tour. Thank you for the great arrangements!