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In-depth Great Wall Hiking Experience

I have been looking forward to this Beijing trip for quite a long time. Last week, I finally made it! The reason why I was so excited about his trip was because I really wanted to see the Great Wall myself, not on TV or magazines. Got to say, the Great Wall is to die for if you are looking for fun stuff to see, do and experience!

Jinshanling Great Wall

Those 5 days I spent with my tour guide were just amazing as it could be! Every day we head to some sections of the Great Wall to see different sides of the wall. Personally, I just loved the sections at Jinshanling and Huanghuacheng. At Jinshanling section, I got a chance to hike up the amazing crumbling paths and take in endless natural delights over there. With the snaking wall meandering on the rugged mountains as far as my eyes could see. Great picture ops were all over the place and at every turn! The hiking on the wall was much of a challenge for me, but it was all worth it! With hardly anyone out there, I felt like I got the whole wall all to myself and I could explore the wall as long as I wanted! It was really amazing and fun! The whole time we were trekking along the crumbling paths, the views varied from time to time and by the time we headed back, the sights on our way back were truly breathtaking!

Huanghuacheng Great Wall

Huanghuacheng section was another highlight of my trip to Beijing. Compared with other sections of the Great Wall, Huanghuacheng was one of a kind and pretty off the beaten path. Hiking along the wall was no easy task too, but it was worthwhile. I had never expected to see the wall when it was submerged in water, making it very unique and breathtaking. The open wide countryside, the fresh air and the waterside Great Wall – it surely is hard to beat! The views at Huanghuacheng were even more amazing than what I saw at Jinshanling and other sections. I really enjoyed a fabulous time while trekking over there! Everything was perfect that day - great weather, fantastic company, good mood – all made my trip down there a lifetime memory!

Overall, I just would not have it any other way to explore the Great Wall!