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Incredible 4 Days Tour in Beijing

Our tour guide picked us up from the airport after we landed in the International Airport of Beijing. It was already well into the afternoon when we got to our hotel. Rest of the day, we did nothing much except unpacking our stuff and got settled in our room.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Next day after we finished our breakfast at the hotel, our tour guide showed up. Then we jumped on a bus and hit the road outside the city proper. We first visited an enormous mausoleum outside Beijing. We had a leisurely stroll down a path toward an underground tomb. Inside the tomb, it was kind of creepy and dim-lit, though the tomb was turned into a museum. After the tomb area, we hit the road again and this time we headed for Mutianyu to see the Great Wall. About half an hour later, we found ourselves at the foot of wall, where there was a chair lift available for us to get on top of the hill without climbing up on our own.

This serene chair lift ride took us up the mountainside and landed us on the Wall. On our ride up the wall, we got a great view of the snaking wall from up above. It was quite impressive and left me the first impression of the wall. We started to hike along the minute we landed on the flat path. Hiking the wall was fun and easy at first, but it got much more challenging after over an hour of walking. We had to take rest from time to time and catch breath by the watch tower. But it was worth all of our efforts as we were rewarded to quite a sight. Snaking up high on the lofty hill, the Wall offered us dramatic views of the watch towers and lovely countryside. At times, the paths got extremely steep and slippery, and we had to be more careful while making our way up the highest watch towers.

By the way our tour guide also interested us with stories about the Great Wall, when it was built, and what it was meant to keep out. To keep our interest going, our tour guide also spent plenty of time talking about how the army used to guard the wall back in the day. When it was time for us to get down, we hopped on a long slide down the hill. It was kind of fun too. Overall, it definitely was once in a lifetime experience for both of us and we just could not wait to see more of Beijing over the next couple days!