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Interesting Details about Great Wall

The Great Wall is a masterpiece in the history of World Architecture, it is entrenched in the range upon range of mountains, winding in the desert, of great momentum, solidity, is regarded as one of the seven wonders of the world.

China Great Wall

With reliable statistics, the construction of the Great Wall brick, if used in the construction of a thickness of 1 meters high, 5 meters long wall, the wall is enough to go around the earth; if used for paving width of 5 meters, 35 centimeters thick road, you can go around the earth for more than three weeks. But today the people in its vast stalwart and sigh, I do not know how many people can understand the bitterness behind. The construction of the Great Wall cost a lot of manpower and material resources, caused incalculable losses to the common people, more make me on the spot is, two thousand years before the construction of the Great Wall causes sound ridiculous. "The construction of the Great Wall because was all because of a lie.

China Great Wall

At the mention of the Great Wall, people first thought is the Qin Shihuang. Although Qin Shihuang is not the first builder in history of the construction of the Great Wall, nor the last, but in people's impression, the Great Wall and Qin Shihuang has puzzled, we cannot say that Qin Shihuang mentioned the Great Wall. Qin Shihuang is one who has a strong sense of crisis and anxiety about emperor. When ascended as the emperor, he was not intoxicated by ruling all the land of achievement, but has been care-laden. The Qin Empire was established in violence on the basis of the opposition, even a small outbreak, but never stopped. How to seek the Qin Empire's long period of stability, is his desire and his heart disease, this thing is not to bother him every hour and moment. Has been eager to rival Qin Shihuang finally found a target, his heart irritability and restlessness will quickly release. Lu Sheng a prevarication responsibility words sparked China an unprecedented strategic oscillation. Qin Shihuang immediately sent General Meng Tian led the three hundred thousand army north Xiongnu, Xiongnu from the Hetao to the north. Qin Shihuang is still not assured, to nip in the bud, and pay the high price, the expropriation of seven hundred thousand labour, for many years, Lintao (now Gansu Minxian) stop Liaodong, stretching thousands of miles of large-scale construction of the Great Wall.