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Interesting Gossips about Great Wall

Recently, DPA newspapers reprint an article entitled "a senior American astronaut from outer space said that people can see the Great Wall" report. The article said: America Appollo No. 17 mission commander Cernan, is so far the last one who ever walked on the surface of the moon. The recently held in Singapore Asian Aerospace show said: "at a height of 160 km to 320 km orbit China, the Great Wall is visible to the naked eye."

Great Wall

As we know, the last century 60's human into space, will have to see the Great Wall parlance, this theory had Chinese dance for joy, firmly believed. However, when Chinese first astronaut Yang Liwei after returning to earth, a reporter asked whether he saw the Great Wall, Yang Liwei according to their own personal experience, said he did not see it. A consensus has Chinese been fooled too, with correct that also can hardly be avoided. Now evolved into foreigners space found in the Great Wall, Chinese negation and to amend, foreigners to refute. Therefore, an important topic emerged: who in accordance with science and facts? From 1961 April to 2003 12 at the end of Gagarin God, the whole world into space 942 times, the longest up to 437 days.

Great Wall

In space whether we can see the Great Wall or other buildings is restricted by many subjective and objective conditions: People's vision not lump together, cannot deny the supernormal vision; distance height and track effect observation; sun illumination, light angle is the key; atmospheric perspective cannot be ignored too; the viewer position sometimes play a decisive role, at a specific position, Russia (Soviet) astronauts saw underwater submarine; the shape and color of an object must be taken into account; in addition, monsoon, thermal radiation should also be taken into account. In theory, people cannot see anything 1 km under the sea, but the Russian (Soviet) astronauts see underwater mountains, this cannot be explained in the present theory. In summary, earth observation, space of the myriads of changes, each astronauts are likely to see something other astronauts cannot see, if see the Great Wall in space, it should be said that the theory is not conclusive. Yang Liwei is telling the truth, but foreign astronauts may not lie.

Whether any astronauts can see the Great Wall, now the best attitude is in doubt and disputes, let us not to jump to conclusions. However, if one day Chinese astronauts saw the Great Wall, would not that be great?