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Jingshan Park near Forbidden City

Beijing, the gather place of various beautiful things, has many famous parks. Among these parks, I will take you to visit the closest park to Forbidden City - Jingshan Park.

Pavilion in Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park sits at Jingshan West Street of Xicheng District, built in Liao & Jin Dynasties, so Jingshan Park has history almost 1,000 years. Jinshan Park is one of the longest and most complete imperial gardens, and once the important part of imperial palace. In 1928, Jingshan was built as park. Now, Jingshan Park has become the AAAA level scenic spot.

Located at center of Beijing, Jingshan Park covers an area of 230,000, and the relative height of Jingshan is 45.7 meters and the altitude is 94.2 meters, it is the highest point of Beijing city. Standing on Jingshan, you can overlook the whole city, including the resplendent and magnificent Forbidden City and modern new Beijing. Jingshan keeps the mountain of Liao Dynasty and wall and door of Jin Dynasty. The old group buildings were kept completely in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Jingshan Park is situated at north of Forbidden City, and on the middle point of axle wire. It is a beautiful imperial garden for Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in 800 years.

The middle peak of Jingshan is 44.6 meters, is the center of old Beijing city and the highest place in that time. The pavilion in middle peak is Wanchun Pavilion, is the square pavilion in three eaves. There are 5 pavilions on there, and they compose the pretty picture.

Flower Exhibition in Jingshan Park

In recent years, Jingshan Park has changed greatly. The flower exhibitions, including Peony Exhibition, Lotus Exhibition and Autumn Chrysanthemum Exhibition, attract home and abroad tourists every year with their beautiful colors, warm environment, full-bodied culture and bright characteristics.

Jingshan Park is also the gathering place for people who love singing. What they sing are Chinese national songs, revolutionary songs, foreign songs, Peking opera, popular songs, etc. Jingshan Choir Festival is held by the government of Xicheng District in Beijing, starts from 2004 and held once every year.

Jingshan Park is one of the best relaxing and tourist places in Beijing. The most situated tourist seasons are spring and autumn. That time, there are various flowers blossoming in park and fit for looking far into the distance.