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Typical Jiumenkou Great Wall

In China, Great Wall is just like the guard protecting the people safety and life, especially in the ancient war period. In Chinese Liaoning Province, there is a typical Great Wall called Jiumenkou. It housed mysterious history and typical culture.

Origin of Jiumenkou Great Wall
Located about nine miles from Shanhaiguan Pass in Liaoning Province, typical Jiumenkou Great Wall is about 100-meter wide. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Jiumenkou Great Wall was first built in the northern Qi Dynasty. During that time, it plays a very important role as the military pass over a long period of time. Later, in the Ming Dynasty, it was rebuilt to the large scale area building. It is just like the magnificent dragon starting from the elegant mountains, connecting the Great Walls sections of Shanhaiguan Pass. It falls and down, zigzagging passing through the mountains and arrived at the banks of Jiujiang River. Although this river is strong and powerful, it does not stop the wall length and forward building.

Magnificent Part of Jiumenkou Great Wall
For Jiumenkou Great Wall, the most significant part is the section built on the river. It is marvelous that thousands hectares of stones are piled up on the bed of the Jiujiang River. Especially the stones, they are held down by iron chain creating very grand sight of the white stones. For the typical feature is that there are nine arches standing above the stones acting as the sluiceways. So, it gets the name of jiumenkou Great Wall. It is translated into Nine Gateway. In Chinese ancient times, it plays a very important role as the crucial role during the war period. The wall bridge is designed connecting the two banks of the Jiujiang River. On Jiumenkou Great Wall there are 12 watchtowers, two sentry posts and two beacon towers. Until now it is still gains the high fame as complete military defense work.

Tips for Visiting Jiumenkou Great Wall
For enjoying the grand atmosphere and the profound culture of Jiumenkou, the best time is from May to October. In the rest time of the year, this Great Wall shows extremely cold. Not far away, tourists can purchase special products and various souvenirs. What the most attractive is the local food called Old Lady Liu's Restaurant. In this place, you can satisfy your stomach.

Jiumenkou Great Wall is great not only in the building but in the history and culture!