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Jungle Exploration in Beijing

There is truly no better way to beat the summer heat and crowds than hike off the beaten path to the Labagou Primary Forest while visiting Beijing. It will be fun and full of blood-pumping experiences!

Diverse and Bounty Natural Resources
Labagou in Beijing

Labagou virgin forest is filled with wonderful plants beyond count, the ecological environment is extremely rich. It is home to the wild animals up to 300 kinds, of which 19 kinds of mammals, 33 kinds of birds, 11 species of reptiles, 6 species of amphibians, 200 kinds of insects. The mysterious native forests and the sea of clouds are really rare in Beijing. Moreover, it has retained a large number of historical relics and unique summer glacier, as well as birch species which can only be seen in Siberia area. There is a precipice called Baizhang cliff, offering motorists adrenaline-pumping experiences through the eighteen bends. There is also the legendary Yishan Pine, and Changshou Quan with the miraculous curing effects, love spring, pearl spring, what impresses you the most is the pine trees sprawling everywhere but in different sizes and shapes. Labagoumen forest scenic area, about 160km away from Beijing City, features the original secondary forest 70000mu, with an altitude of 1700 meters high - the highest peak in Huairou District. Here the undulating hills, the vast forest extending thousands of kilometers, the natural resources are all over the place.

Highlight and Fun Stuff to Do
Labagou in Beijing

With a summer night, to enjoy a bush camping here takes some courage, because there are also 300 kinds of wild animals living in the nature reserve. Your night in the tent will be filled with call of roe deer, pheasant and often hear the sound of the wind with the tall and dense birch trees - it will be full of rustic charms and exciting experiences - it also unavoidably frighten people. Away from the hustle of the city, not far from the city civilization, fashion tribe bar gives you a fantastic night out here. Drink a cup of sweet bubble tea, play some chess games, you may be lost in this wonderland. You will be happy and pleased with yourself while enjoying your break out here. Go to Changshou spring to drink a mouthful of fresh sweet mineral-rich water - thanks to the water here, the average life expectancy of the residents here is about 90 years old.

Overall, Labagou is well worth a visit while visiting Beijing during summer days!