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Just Gone Back to Ancient China

Climbing the Great Wall is always my dream these years. My father and grandfather all liked Chinese culture very much. Just on business in Beijing, I booked this bus tour to challenge Badaling Great Wall. The price is cheaper than I expect.

Summer Palace
On the departure day, I prepared enough waiting for the bus. For several minutes, I saw a bus and met the tour guide. On the bus, there are tourists from different countries and soon we became friends and talked about the attractions we would travel. First destination is Summer Palace. I did not have complete idea about this attraction. Once arrived at this large scale garden, I felt its power. Truly impressive! Tour guide led us and ordered us follow her. She explained this garden was built for the Dowager Cixi for getting rid of the summer heat. It is a large scale royal palace for entertaining and recreation. How luxury it is! Large water area is called Kunming Lake. Many young couple boated on the lake leisurely. I want to do so! After that, we walked further. Each corner was designed very perfect. All the pavilions are carved with lifelike patterns.

It is always said Badaling Great Wall is the most famous and magnificent. I finally got it. It is deserved all the high fame. To be lucky that the day we adventured the section is not crowded as the tour guide said. Together with my friends, we carried our food and drinks starting the climbing journey. Hiking journey is very terrific that we saw the local sceneries and the ancient buildings. To our surprise is that the Great Wall is decorated with handrails in case of slipping over. In the beginning, we did not feel any tired. But in the latter sections, all my muscle was stiffness. Under the help of my friend, I passed through the steep steps. Standing on the wall, appreciating the sceneries far away, it is really a kind of proud feeling. Some tourists took the cable car arriving at the top. I thought climbing is more terrific.

Much thanks to the tour guide. She gave us much help on the whole visiting journey. It will be the lifetime experience staying in China!